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What? What? What is this? Who is this? We're not sure. It's probably Si, we seem to have a certain taste for pictures of Si.

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Flame On Pull-off Devastating Triple Attack PDF Print E-mail
Written by Curis   
Monday, 17 January 2011 16:48

The Flame On chappies have thoroughly immersed themselves in the 2011 tournament scene after a festive period characterised by the necessary abundance of families and the accompanying sad dearth of all things genuinely fun.  Only family we want to hang around with drunk on Christmas Day are the tiny lead ones we collect.

But with a return to miniature hostilities Flame On deployed across the length and breadth of Britain and across three systems to bring glory and prizes to Manchester's loose-association-cum-social-network.

Firstly, the 40K crowd went en masse to the 40K Masters event at the Eye of the Storm.


Flame On at the 40K Masters

Left to right: Mike "White Scally Jacket" Newman, Nathan "Moptop" Roberts, Chris "Scarfy" Green, Josh "The Stallion" Robert, James "Jimbo" Knight, Neil "The King" Kerr, Gary "Han Solo" Percicval, James "Curis-doesn't-know-how-to-poke-fun-at-him" Ramsay and finally Gaz "Oh-does-Curis-know-how-to-poke-fun-at-him" Jones.

On the main Masters event 1st place was taken by the gaming powerhouse that is Josh, 2nd place by Neil.  Nathan managed 3rd place in the accompanying Open event.

The army-painting machine Mike Newman did nothing, but gets a special mention for shameless SEO purposes. 

Meanwhile in deep south Curis and Stompzilla bombed it to Bristol, enjoying the throbbing hypnotic sounds of the Octopus both ways.  They fought weird and wonderful selection of experimental Epic: Armageddon lists.  Both tied for most sporting, and Curis' Raven Wing got Best Painted, taking him to like fifty gazillion painting awards.  The cock.


Curis wins best army

Special mention goes to Stomp who on top of tying for most sporting got an honourable painting mention. What unlikely achievement for that lad next?  Marriage?  Attending a tournament sober?

Lastly, Jimmy "Ninjahamster" Balderstone drove a measly 400 yards to Stockport's Northwest Gaming Centre to lord it up Victorian style in the realms of Malifaux (which we've decided rhymes with 'Halifax') and claim absolute first place.  He  only provided this pathetic photo so we've taken the liberty of reflecting his face in the trophy to make it more exciting.  (We actually started with obscene pornographic reflections, but realising he's behind the site we thought better.)


Jimmy wins at Malifaux



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