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What? What? What is this? Who is this? We're not sure. It's probably Si, we seem to have a certain taste for pictures of Si.

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Assault on Horufen PDF Print E-mail
Written by Curis   
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 00:00

If you've watched Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End then the situation with Flame On's Stomp may resonate with you. At the end of At World's End Orlando-Bloom-pirate becomes the Flying Dutchman, cursed to go out to sea and only return to see his beloved Kiera-Knightley-pirate once every ten years. And so it is with Drill Engineer Stompzilla, who spends a lot of time working off-shore, only occasionally returning home to see his beloved wargame Epic Armageddon. Denied attendance of lot of the Epic UK events by the nature of his availability when he does return to the shores of Britain we at Flame On gather together for an orgy of Epic and beer. This was the Assault on Horufen.

Assault on Horufen

This was a scenario written by Flame On's mighty Si. Si's campaigns, army lists and scenarios are always set in his own corner of the universe - this time the planet Mocheskan, in the throes of civil war in the dark days of Abbadon's 13th Black Crusade. Basically the attackers have to cross two rivers and capture key political buildings in a city. Though the defenders are massively outnumbered, they've mined the rivers - even going so far as adding gravitic spring mines to stop pesky skimmers. The city itself is void-shielded and encased in a flak umbrella (ella, ella, ay, ay ay...).

Assault on Horufen
Si's full scenario is available to download here. And so the combined strike team of Ragorie/Shadow Scorpions/Raven Wing/Biel-Tann commanded by Si, Stomp and Curis assaulted the evil Deathguard/Siegemasters of Christian and James (who'd come over from Wales especially). Ultimately the day was won by a pair of Warlord Titans holding the only crossing to the second river while wave-after-wave of Imperial/Eldar engagements splashed off them.

Assault on Horufen
Assault on Horufen
It took nine hours, and lots of beer. It was epic. It was Epic.

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