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What? What? What is this? Who is this? We're not sure. It's probably Si, we seem to have a certain taste for pictures of Si.

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Written by Curis   
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 14:24

Flame On managed second overall at Open War XV, though their major victory was forcing the First Company Vets to rejig their rules on account of us not returning the shields in an efficient fashion.

Flame On at Open War

Clockwise from far left Nathan "Could Be Robert Nathans?" Roberts, Chris "Curis" Webb, Tim "Attention Span" King, Chris "Gang" Green, Graham "Like an Apple" Apperley, Gaz "SMONGASMONGASMONGA" Jones, Chris "My He's Grown" Apperley, Gary "Loveable Rogue" Percival, Mike "Painting Pimp" Newman, Scott "Not THE Scott Mills" Mills, Bob "Why Wasn't I in the Photo?!" Wolstencroft, Simon "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night" Jenkins and Mike "2U2" Mee.

Curis' Dark Angels of the 8th Company fought at Open War XV alongside the mighty Warlord Titan - Hepatitus Alpha. HeI ranked top of Flame On, though that's like being World's Tallest Dwarf as Flame On dominate the lower places at the Open War rankings.

Hepatitus Alpha Warlord Titan

Hepatitus Alphas was on loan from Simon - a man whose ever-present sunglasses actually served their intended purpose in Mansfield's gorgeous sunshine. And made him look a bit like Lt. Horatio Caine. OOooooowwww!

CSI: Mansfield

Mike Mee, a man who likes to express himself simultaneously in the first and third person with sentences such as "This pleases Mee!" took home the Epic Armageddon wooden spoon. Here he is looking surprised at Chris Steel's Vanahein Aircav (picking up another well-deserved Best Army award).

Mike Mee and the Aircav

Joe Jepshon's gorgeous Epic (not) Dark Angels were cruelly denied any awards, despite looking fantastic with Joe's paint-staking hyper-lighting technique

Epic Dark Angel Thunderhawk Gunship

It was also nice to see Golem's paintjobs gracing box art at Maelstrom's quite frankly aspirational shop.

Golem Kings of War
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