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            More information The Fortress of the Pirate King

Sartosa is administered far more harshly and efficiently than any other city in the Old World. Within the bounds of the harbour, Pirate Law applies, forbidding theft, and offering frequently terminal punishments for murderers, thieves, swindlers, and traitors. Disputes between captains are settled by the King of the Pirates, elected annually from and by the pirate captains then in port. The Fortress looks down over Sartosa, so with a good telescope it's possible to watch the entire town's comings and goings.
              More information Sartosa City

Sartosa is known as the Pirate City, for good reason. Pirate ships of every shape and size lie at anchor within the great harbour, while the city grows rich with the plunder of the sea - gold from the south, silks from Araby, jewels from the New World, and fine wines from Bretonnia. The whole city thrives upon plunder, secure in its natural defenses and the fighting reputation of its citizens.

The city lies behind solid walls, protected by huge engines of war sheltered within the city and sunk inside heavy bunkers carved into the surrounding cliffs.
        More information Dead Man's Point
One of the few safe landing points on the north-west coast of Sartosa. Dead Man's Point is still a treacherous beach in anything but a gentle breeze.
  More information Roba
A town built into the mountainside, Roba is hidden from the sea and sheltered from bad weather.
      More information Mount Ertinia
A largely inactive volcano, Mount Ertinia still occationally spews great clouds of smoke and ash into the atmosphere.
    More information Pirate's Current
The straight between Sartosa and the mainland is subject to a deadly current, the so-called Pirate's Current, which makes it almost impossible for any ship to land on the north side of the island.
            More information Howling Marsh
Even more horrible than its name suggests the Howling Marsh is not to be travelled lightly; a tangled mass of thorny scrub and foul sticky bogs often covered with heavy fog which has been the death of many an unwary traveller.
            More information Osso Hills
Bleak, wind-swept rolling hills with very little going on of any interest. Rarely travelled and thought to be home to many small scavenging goblin bands.
                    More information Volcanic Lake
Below the inactive volcano of Mount Ertinia there is a large body of pure, fresh water inhabited by several of the larger monsters that now plague the local waters.
        More information Ossomunte
A small town with a very bad reputation, even for a town on Sartosa! If you want to be press-ganged, cudgeled or given a Mickey Finn, this is the town for you.
  More information Fort Senelite
On the southern slopes of the Osso Hills at the end of Monkey Cove the former harbour town of Senelite is a veritable bastion – its arsenal brisling with guns and its walls strengthened! The gates were reinforced with steel and sorcery; the walls were manned by bitter, hardened Alliance warriors.
            More information Bay of Wrecks
A swirling eddy of fast flowing waters hiding many reefs, rocky islands and wrecked ships to entangle the irresponsible sailor.
              More information Caragio
A small town on a mountain pass. Too close to the old Penitentiary for the comfort of most Sartosans!
      More information Caprio
A large town surrounded by farmland overlooking Scurvy Point, with views over the south-western seas. Location of the Broken Cutlass inn.
    More information The Penitentiary
Where there was once a mighty Dwarven Hold, now there is nothing but a hellish pit of despair! Smoke pours from a hundred furnaces as thousands of slaves work round the clock on infernal tasks. Conditions are extremely harsh and many end their days working in the pit.
        More information Ragil
The Scupper’d Mermaid inn is still open but most of the population have moved away after boarding up their homes. A lot of the timber buildings have been stripped for ship repairs.
  More information Vercuso
Click here for the map of Vercuso

Once a seedy, disreputable and dangerous place, Vercuso has gone downhill recently. Cut off from the mainland, by a steep ravine in the west and the mutated sea monsters in the harbour, Vercuso has become isolated from the rest of the island. A few small warbands struggle for dominance of the blighted town and its abundant prizes of valuable Bloodfane shards. The Cod and Cutlass was ruined months ago but the denizens of the town still consider the tavern a focal landmark.
  More information Skull Point
The cliffs here are riddled with caves and tunnels, which made it popular with smugglers and ship-wreckers for years but like the rest of the island Skull Point has not seen many ships of late.
            More information Cave of the Damned
Often the source of Sartosa's worst troubles, the Cave of the Damned is a terrifying name to the islanders.
    More information Beffardo
An all but abandoned cliff-top town overlooking the Skull Sands, once surrounded by a large farming community, now over-grown and fallow.
  More information Vermunte
Strange lights are often to be seen over Vermunte at night. No one seems to know what they are and few are willing to find out!
                        More information Dragon Tooth Castle
Once the location of a light-house. The light was used for many years to lure ships to their doom on Skull Sands until ill-discipline and poor maintenance meant the machinery broke down. Now the tower is all but gone as well.
            More information Skull Sands
An ever-shifting sand bank where careless ships run aground.
Only the pirate's pilots can navigate the treacherous sands, and to reveal its secret is an act of treachery punishable in the most heinous manner imaginable. Even pirate ships occasionally fall foul of the Sands, in which case Pirate Law maintains that the ship is salvaged and free for the taking before wind and tide break it up. This leads to viscous fights between rivals and the crew of the wrecked ship who resent their hard-won cargo being snatched from them when they are within sight of home.
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