More information The Barrel o' Monkeys
An inn of dubious (even for vercuso) reputation.
              More information Wishing Well
A festering and stagnant water-source that has not been drinkable for many years.
        More information The Hole in the Wall Inn
The defensive wall around Vercuso has been in a poor state for longer than anyone can remember. This old inn stands testament to presence of gaps since long ago.
  More information The Sail-Makers Guildhouse
Once a powerful organisation on the island, the Sail-Makers Guild had meeting houses in every town. The Vercuso branch is more like a tavern these days.
More information The Emperor's Bane
A captured Empire ship that was re-named and was undergoing repairs. But the money ran out some years ago and the once-impressive ship has languished in the slips ever since.
  More information The Slips

    More information The Leaning Lighthouse
Unlikely as it may seem, this rickety tower has withstood wind, wave and cannonade for hundreds of years. The dozens of repairs and additions only add to it's shonky charm.
    More information The Battery
The remains of the stone embrasured fort looking out over the entrance to the harbour still dominate the skyline on the cliffs above the town, but it is many years since a gun was fired from here.
            More information The Boarding Party Inn
Very poor food to be sure, but the rum servered at 'the Boarder' is of the finest quality.
          More information Wrecker's Point
Legends tell of mysterious lights seen here, that lured incautious captains to their doom. Stupid captains more like: who sails towards lights on shore?
  More information The Farms
Fallow fields and stunted trees surround the inland walls of the town, little is grown now but there is still the occasional crop worth harvesting.
          More information The Old Temple

                            More information Pressgang Alley
The recruiting ground for all Vercuso ship’s captains.
            More information Soup Alley

        More information Binnacle Yard

      More information The Cod and Cutlass Inn
Probably the most famous on Sartosa, the Cod and Cutlass is a central landmark to all who have ever visited Vercuso and to many who have never been!
          More information Unlucky Quay
Local legend says that any ship that sails from this quay on a Friday will never return to port.
      More information Dumplington

        More information Slippery Jack's Underwater Cave

    More information Cheapside
This district of Vercuso is the place to find the seedier entertainments often craved by mariners after long periods at sea.
      More information The Sarky Cutter
No one quite knows how this large ship came to be resting in the middle of a row of houses, but it is now used as a tavern.
      More information Hangman's Square
The macabre trophies that swing in this square have never been more numerous than in recent months: The penalties for breaching the Pirate Code are severe.
  More information The Whirlpool

    More information The Capstan

            More information The Merchants Guildhouse
To call themselves merchants is a gross exaggeration - the fences, blackmarketeers and loan-sharks that formed the Merchants Guild are among the lowest scum on an island of villainy.
            More information The Bucaneer's Blade Inn

            More information Vercuso Bridge
Massive stone fortress of a bridge built to defend the harbour from within and without.
                        More information The Ropewalks
This part of town is built upon a cluster of small islets connected by make-shift rope-and-timber bridges. Popular with the shiftier inhabitants of the town.
                      More information The Crooked Farthing Inn

                          More information The Shivered Timber Inn

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